Fiberglassing the coach house and preparing surfaces

So I am a bit slow from the holidays still. I like to post vidoes by Sunday evening each week and here it is after 10pm my time and I am just starting the upload :).

This week I show how I am saving on some of the labor from the boat yard and wokring in conjunction with their team to understand the work to be done and determine what I can do versus them. Anything I can do rather than the yard saves their hourly rate, so some jobs just make sense for me to prep and do the initial or completing steps for.

This week we go over that prep work to save money. Those are removing of trim, removing deck fills, removing stanchions and deck hardware and other minor items.

Join us on our journey as we continue to rebuild, refit and prepare our Formosa 51 Sailboat for our continued cruising journey. We have always loved the Formosa, bought one (on a bit of a whim) late in 2014, moved aboard this one right away and started to do our refit while living board. We are avid fans of Cruising Outpost and Good Ole Boat (Good Old Boat) magazines and love the ideas we get from them.

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