Awlwood MA (Varnish) Tips and Tricks – and a Free downloadable varnish or finish guide

This week we finish putting the Awlwood MA on the boom, and traveler car. As I mentioned in an earlier video the application of this product (and most frankly) is to plan the recoat timeframes so that you are applying the next coat at the optimal time that gives an excellent adherence to the coat below it but minimizes the surface preparation time.

As I was planning this job, I realized I needed 2 things. The first was a planned schedule based on what I intended to do. I often have to prepare the work around other things (such as that job I have :)) and doing so means a plan needs to be created.

I also know that boat work rarely goes according to plan, so this tool also will allow you to track your actual work in addition to your plan and show the differences in recoat time so that you can adjust accordingly.

In this video, we complete the boom and show how great this Awlwood MA product looks, but we also spend some time explaining how you can download the free XLS or Google Sheets tools to create and plan your own finish tasks.

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Join us on our journey as we continue to rebuild, refit and prepare our Formosa 51 Sailboat for our continued cruising journey. We have always loved the Formosa, bought one (on a bit of a whim) late in 2014, moved aboard this one right away and started to do our refit while living board. We are avid fans of Cruising Outpost and Good Ole Boat (Good Old Boat) magazines and love the ideas we get from them.

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